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29 June 1984
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My name is Lene and I was born in 1984. I live in Denmark and i have a little house with a tiny, but nice garden at the back of it. I live with my adorable budgie, Birger.

I study religion as a major and history as a minor at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense. I love to learn new things and if I could I'd love to study at the university forever. :D Of course I would like it a lot if I didn't have all the exams... I want to learn... not prove that I learned. :P

i love listening to music and i try to discover new bands and genres as much as i can. i started out loving the Beatles and then, when i was about 10 years old, i began to listen to led zeppelin, jimi hendrix, Deep Purple and the like. I also discovered Green Day! Then when i was about 14 years old i began listening to Bloodhound Gang, Machine Head and Soulfly. Now i listen to almost anything. My favorite genres now are death metal, black metal and viking/folk metal.

I'm trying to lose weight and I have done so since I turned 24 years old. I have not been that succesful this far (I've "only" lost about 10 kg) but there are several reasons for that. I have decided, however, that I will stop trying to lose weight by Christmas 2011. This doesn't mean that I will eat like I did before I started on my weight loss. This means that I will continue to eat healthy food and go on my long walks and so on because it makes me feel good in my body. I am not a health freak (if I was I'd have lost all the 30 kg by now and not "only" 10) but I have become more aware of food (what it does for my body with the vitamins and minerals and how it makes me feel to eat different food).

I L-O-V-E!!!!! penpalling and I am always looking for new penpals. :)
What I need from my pen pals are: letters of at least 10 pages (because I write long letters of at least 10 pages but usually more like 20 pages) and at least 4 letters per year (because I think it's too weird to try and explain months and months of my life in a single letter). I need penpals that write about themself and not only about all the other people in their lifes. I need penpals that write handwritten letters. I don't do well with typed letters, sorry.
I am sometimes a "bad" penpal meaning that I sometimes am late with my letters (but usually not more than max. 2 months late). I am of course ok with my pen pals also being late with their letters too.
Oh and one last thing i NEED from my pen pals is that if they decide to not write me anymore they should let me know. I think it's super crappy of people to just stop writing. Especially if they don't want to write me because they think I did something wrong!
i loooooooove letter sets and stationery sheets. i collect them (a LOT) and i only write my letters on cute sheets. hehe. i also love stickers a lot.

I have been seing a psychologist since January 2011 and it's SO good! I have a lot of crappy memories and issues from my past that I have not been able to deal with properly myself and even though it's hard for me to realize and come to terms with a lot of things that shows up during the sessions I think I am finally on my way to be a "whole" person. The reason I'm mentioning this is that I (obviously) write about this in my letters too. ;)

I dream of living in a house right next to a forest. I love nature a lot and trees are a MAJOR favorite item of nature. I wanted to live IN a forest until I realized that then I probably would have some major problems with the herb-garden I want too. So living next to a forest is the solution. I want to have a big garden and grow vegetables and herbs. I want to be as selfsufficient on those things as I can. And of course I want to have it the organic way.
In my house next to the forest I NEED (!!!) a seperate room for my books: a library! I love books (mainly fantasy novels and books about history, religion, occultism, food and gardening). I have too little space for my books and I promised my grand mom (who's 95 years old) that none of her books will be thrown out when she dies. I'll take the books that nobody else wants... the problem is that she has more books than I do. :S But I will keep my promise anyway. I guess the solution to that (until i move into that house next to the forest) will be boxes and bags filled with books... *sigh*